NY Times Bestseller!

“With this extraordinary novel, Ethan Canin now takes his place on the high wire with the best writers of his time.”—Pat Conroy

“A tremendous literary achievement.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A blazingly intelligent novel." —The Los Angeles Times

"A book that raises the bar for novelists."—Lit Hub

“A masterful writer at his transcendent best.”—BBC

"Elegant and devastating...exquisitely crafted...an odd and completely captivating novel."NPR's Fresh Air

"Staggeringly ambitious and remarkably realized...a story of majestic sweep."—Paste

"A work of exquisite and enduring beauty."—Bookreporter

"A gem."—People (book of the week)

"Ethan Canin has done something extraordinary: he has written a spellbinding novel about math."Kirkus

"551 Pages of Blissdevastating and wonderful…dazzling...you come away from the book wanting to reevaluate your choices and your relationships. It’s a rare book that can do that, and it’s a rare joy to discover such a book."Esquire

"No knowledge of proofs or theorems is required to enjoy Ethan Canin’s excellent eighth novel. He treats math alternately like elegant poetry or infuses it with crackling energy."—Christian Science Monitor

"Math Made Beautiful...Ethan Canin writes with such luxuriant beauty and tender sympathy that even victims of Algebra II will follow his calculations of the heart with rapt comprehension."—The Washington Post

"Alternately explosive and deeply interior."—-NY Magazine, Eight Books You Need to Read

"[A] beautifully written novel."—-The New York Times Book Review, Editor's Choice

"Epic . . . thoroughly absorbing . . . a nuanced, heartbreaking portrait of a tortured mathematician . . . A harrowing, poignant read about the blessing and curse of genius.”—Booklist (starred review)

"Cause for celebration! ...A fantastic multigenerational novel about a family of geniuses who discover the sometimes painful costs of living with brilliance."—BookRiot

"Dazzlingly ambitious...one part intellectual thriller, one part domestic saga."—The Huffington Post

"A believable and indelible portrait of a frustrated master intellectual at work...scenes that erupt with the explosive power of a Eugene O’Neill or Arthur Miller."—Newsday

"I have never encountered prose that renders this world so beautifully: the field [of mathematics] ceases to be a language and series of figures we don’t understand and becomes a subject for which we have a nearly physical understanding....A Doubter’s Almanac makes clear that no matter how blind we are in some ways, we are still able, in other ways, to see."—Fiction Writers Review

"Masterful...a work of impressive ambition, operating on a truly epic scale. Moving across seven decades, it is a tale that exquisitely details the zeniths and nadirs of true genius."—The Maine Edge

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